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Fitting a Gullsweep
Fitting a Gullsweep

The GULLSWEEP is easily mounted on a hard or soft top because there are a wide variety of mounting options available. Gullsweep® performs best when it is parallel to the water. The mounts below take seconds to put in place & to remove for storage when your boat is in use.

GullSweep GS-1 Bird Deterrent: ORDER GS-1


Your Gullsweep® (above) and the mounting options below are sold separately by mail order from OSMboats. Please see our Products Page.

Gullsweep® GS-FM Flex Mount: ORDER GS-FM-NS
The GS-FM-NS Flex Mount is designed for those situations over canvas where one does not want to put a hole in the boat to locate the Gullsweep®. The GS-FM is able to be tied down using the rope loops, without a lot of rope pressure on the canopy. Tough & durable canvas construction, all stainless steel hard ware. Can also be filled with sand which shapes easily over any irregular canvas support members.

*Centre pin (shown) is not included with GS-FM because it utilizes the standard pin that comes with a Gullsweep®

Gullsweep® GS-SBB Sail boat Boom Mount: ORDER GS-SBB
Designed like a saddle to fit over any Boom or Bimini bundle. Tough & durable canvas construction, large end rope loops for tie down. Measures 9” x 23”. Weight 0.4kg. Alloy rope securing wedge included. Non slip rubber inner liner

*Centre pin (shown) is not included with GS-SM because it utilizes the standard pin that comes with a Gullsweep®

Gullsweep® GS-RM Rail Mount: ORDER GS-RM / GS-SRM
Gullsweep® Standard and Small rail mount.
Place vice clamp over railing & tighten so it is vertical to the rail.
Adjust centre support pin to be vertical to the water & tighten adjustment nut.
Place your Gullsweep® on the support pin, adjust, if not level. If clamp is left on rail, remove centre pin to avoid injury!
Order GS-RM for rails up to 1-5/8” diameter

Order GS-SRM for rails up to 1” diameter

*Centre pin (shown) is not included with GS-RM or GS-SRM because it utilizes the standard pin that comes with a Gullsweep®

Gullsweep® GS-R2 – Retainer Kit: ORDER GS-R2
(GS-1 & GS-2 now have a retainer kit included as standard, or you can add it to your existing Gullsweep)

For those applications when a Gullsweep® could fall off of a non permanent mounting — eg. GS-FM pulled from a canopy might turn sideways and the Gullsweep® could slide off the centre mounting pin and go over board. Unfortunately, Gullsweeps® do not float.
Simple to install and will take the worry out of the situation.


Gullsweep® Replacement parts

GS-3 Hub Replacement: GS-3
GS-4 Base Replacement (Mounting Block & Screws): GS-4
GS-6 Swivel Pin Replacement (Stainless Steel Swivel Pin) Standard: Size (5-1/2”) other pin sizes also avail., see G-12, G-13: GS-6
GS-7 Canvas Mount Kit/U-Bolt (Top block & SS lock-nuts): GS-7
GS-8 Vane Set Replacement: GS-8
GS-11n Aluminum Rod Set Replacement (2): GS-11


New extended mounting pins for your Gullsweep®
Gullsweep Mount Pin OptionsGS-6 Standard Stainless Steel Swivel Pin supplied is 5½” long
GS-12 Swivel Pin Replacement Special Size (7-1/2”)
GS-13 Swivel Pin Replacement Special Size (10”)


Gullsweep Fitting Instructions

Gullsweep® and it’s accessories are available by mail order from our Products Page

Installing a Gullsweep Boom Mount (GSBB)

boom mountSince each boom or bimini bundle is different in diameter, an installation rope is not included, but can be locally added depending upon length. Upon the first installation a ¼ rope should be wrapped around the boom a minimum of three times, which then determines the length of the rope needed for that particular installation. Tie rope to the rope loop on one side of the mounting. Place mounting on boom in a location that will not interfere with the Gullsweep rotation. This will require a minimum of 4 feet on each side of the centre pin.

With the mounting pin vertical, wrap the rope around boom and mounting tightly (recommended – 3 times). Pull very tight and secure around aluminium fitting and into the wedge portion to secure the line. The non-slip rubber liner in the mounting should create enough friction so the mounting will not rotate on the boom.

If the boom is not parallel to the water, the top fitting, which holds the mounting pin, can be bent so as to achieve a vertical pin.

Install a Gullsweep Retainer

GS-R2To install, slip retainer spring up on center mounting pin. Put Gullsweep on mounting pin and press all the way down so it is resting on the center pin. Adjust the retainer spring so it is in place over the hub retainer ring with a minimum 1/8″ clearance above the hub retainer. The spring should not touch the hub or the retainer ring. To remove, pull back top of retainer spring so Gullsweep can be removed. The spring retainer can stay on the mounting pin, however the centre swivel pin should be removed if it is a danger to anyone on the boat.