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Complete 8ft Gullsweep


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Gullsweep 8ft GS-1L′ version of the standard 6′ Gullsweep. It comes with a metal bracket to support the extra arm length and each 4′ arm is reinforced with an extra ‘sleeve’ of metal for additional strength. Suitable for large expanses.

Includes; 2 x 4ft metal arms, 2 x vanes, retainer clip, central hub and standard screw-on fixing mount. Comes with full instructions, easy to install. Also available as a 6′ span sweep GS-1 or available from our shop with an 8’ span – GS-1L. Other mounting options available; GS-SBB sail boom mount, GS-CP canvas pole mount, GS-RM rail mount, GS-SRM small rail mount, GS-FM-NS flex mount.


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