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Hanging Gullsweep (HGS-1)


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Keep your yacht free from gulls by installing the amazing hanging Gullsweep; adapted specifically to hang from a height – which is ideal for sailing craft. The line should be relatively tight so as to support a hanging Gullsweep (weighs 12 oz.), and give sufficient distance above the deck or boom and allow a minimum horizontal distance of 7 feet per Gullsweep for the rotation diameter.

Easy to rig up, take down and store away. Since the Gullsweep is suspended it will always stay vertical to the water and with a snap ring secured to the rope, the Gullsweep cannot fall overboard or get lost. The diameter with arms extended is 5½’ with 30’’ clearance over the arms to the snap hook on top. All Gullsweeps require wind to rotate. To put into storage, simply unsnap from the support line, untie bottom tether line, fold the arms up and together with the center support rod. Put the vanes into the storage position over the rods so they lay flat to each other. Place in a safe, out of the way location.

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