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Gullsweep Flex Mount (no sand) (GS-FMNS)


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Gullsweep Flex Mount (no sand) (GS-FMNS)

Designed for Gullsweep mounting situations over canvas where one does not want to put a hole in the canvas to locate the sweep. It takes seconds to put in place and seconds to remove & store when your boat is running. The flex mount can be pulled into location and tied down using rope loops, without applying a lot of rope pressure on the canopy or bimini top. The base can be filled with sand which shapes easily over any irregular canvas support members. The important point is to be sure the Gullsweep center support pin is vertical to the water. (See GS-AB if a vertical adjustment is necessary). Weight approx 3 lbs when loaded with sand. Center pin (shown) is not included with the flex mount because it uses the standard pin that comes with a Gullsweep (GS-1 or GS-2). Postage for this item is £3.50 UK only.

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