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Pioner 12



The Pioner 12 Maxi is a modern, safe and versatile boat. It is self-draining, has a simple design, and is very stable and rugged. Pioner is a market leader in rotationally moulded design, and the new Pioner 12 Maxi takes this construction method to new heights. The boat’s double hull makes it extremely safe, and full contact between the deck and hull ensures a more rigid and robust vessel. The boat can accommodate four people, and a high freeboard keeps everyone on board comfortable and dry. The longitudinal thwart is designed for optimum rowing performance. This model has a standard seat/ storage box in the stern with space for a 24-litre fuel tank. The finish and design are modern, with small, finely moulded details such as cup holders, grips and solid rope cleats. Whether your cottage is located by a mountain lake or by the sea, you and your family will love the Pioner 12 Maxi for its user-friendly versatility. Take it out for a spin, pop over to the village shop, go swimming or fishing, or explore the islands and skerries.

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Pioner 12 Maxi