RIB Clean

World champion Formula One RIB racers, Outboard Services and Marine Ltd have launched a brand-new service for RIB owners in the UK.

As you know – after a while the tubes on your RIB start to age. UV light from the sun, combined with salt water exposure, scuffs and stains quickly age the appearance of your boat.

Through our huge experience with RIBs here at OSM Boats, we have engineered a deep-cleaning process that restores your RIB tubes to their original quality or sometimes even better. We also add UV protection to our cleaning process, restoring your boat and adding value if you are considering selling it. We offer this service at an astounding £48 per metre of boat (including 2 tubes) plus VAT.

RIBCLEAN Services at OSM boats in Cornwall bring your tired and scruffy RIBS back to look like new. Just contact us to set up a new life for your RIB.

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